Re: Core Fighters: What are there purpose?

Mark Simmons (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:28:51 -0800

Probe writes,

> One wonders why they didn't simply go with VR-goggles or somesuch
>simpler display system then giant wraparound TV-screens!

  Yep, one does wonder. It works for Votoms and Gasaraki... :-)

> Though doesn't it suggest that the Feds (and others) believed that a
>more ergonomic display-system was more useful than a core-fighter?
>(Suggesting, rather, that the CF itself wasn't that useful?)

  True enough. It's certainly less expensive, and it can potentially make
the pilot more effective _prior_ to his being shot down, rather than saving
his worthless hide _afterwards_.

> Well, I figgered that the GP-01 CF looked _way_ more streamlined than
>the Zeta Wave-Rider mode, and that if the original Gundam (arguably alot
>_less_ streamlined than any aircraft shape!) could survive re-entry with
>just some coolant-gas to protect it, then something that's made of the
>same material and a whole lot more aerodynamic should be able to as well!

  True, the Core Fighter is made of the same magic alloy... but its armor
is thinner, it lacks the super cooling systems, and (most important) it
doesn't have a huge slab of Luna Titanium to hold in front of itself as a
makeshift heat shield...

-- Mark

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