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Y. Choe writes,

> Would it be ridiculous of me to surmise that if one were to use
>communication with the HQ or someone else, that enemy MS would pick up the
>signal and pinpoint your location, and promptly blow you to smitheerenes?

  Nope, that sounds plausible. In fact, according to the kit manual, that's
one of the reasons why the EWAC Zack has that huge radar sensor dome - to
detect radar-emitting enemies who are blithely unaware of the presence of
nearby foes.

>One more thing I noticed. Most, if not all, mass produced MS lack any sort
>of antenna or antenna type devices (at least on their heads). Is that to
>promote "radio silence" among pilots so that they wouldn't be blown to
>spacedust for an errant transmission or some sort?

  Could well be. But again, note that after the One Year War, most
mass-produced mobile suits _do_ in fact have antennae - including every GM
variant, the Marasai, the Nemo, the Jegan, the Gira Doga, and so on. The
only exceptions are the Hizack (which is an old design anyway) and a lot of
the Axis mobile suits (the Gaza series, the Dreissen, the Zssa).

-- Mark

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