Re: Camera and the Mohawk (Was: SOC RX-78 Gundam Pics)

Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:47:10 PST

>This is where things kinda break down. You see, camera eyes are pretty
>much useless in a linear seat 360 degree cockpit. What's the point
>when the pilot can see 360? I do remember from 0083 a scene of someone
>talking to a MS from a cockpit POV, and the MS responding by turning
>its head, LOOKING at the POV cockpit. This suggests some kind of
>Apache Helicopter helmut aiming system. But what about the scenes
>where the characters have no helmet on when piloting???
>Still working on "Future excuses" for these....

How about this? The MS may have AMBAC and other sensors scattererd about
the body, but the principal targetting and tracking sensors are stuck in
the head, the main sensor "turret". If you want to target somthing
specific, the head must be focused on the target object in order to get
the most out of its LOS sensors. Rudimentary versions of these could be
clumped elsewhere and fed data from the primary sensors, that can be
displayed elsewhere on the 360 screen.

Along the same line of reasoning, the head may contain a number of
directional communications devices that help imporve data transmission
quality and reception. These work best when the antennas of the two
communicating suits are directly pointed at each other, hence explaining
why MS heads often “look” at each other. MS could even be programmed to
automatically turn the sensors to that of the other when initial contact
is made, thus skipping over the helmet thing.

Or are we stretching a bit much?


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