Re: Syd Mead and "The Phantom Menace"

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:42:52 -0700 (MST)

> >> having an American sci-fi illustrator ontheir staff. If only his
> >> forthe show didn't suck!
> Noir: The Making of Blade Runner", and he has experience in car
> design, hired for providing enviroments around the concept cars, and

  You'd never know it by looking at the crappy "70's car with loads of
junk and pipes on the roof" designs he had for BR, along with the
"Quartz-lamp lit flying objects" that would scoot by at 100Mph before you
could get a glimpse of them!

> he was paid $1500 a DAY for BR, which was back in the early eighties,
> so you can only imagine what he is charging for Gundam!!!

  Maybe his lack of output in recent years has lowered his price?

> >always derivative of something else, and the rest of his work seems
> >conspicuously 'stuck in the 1950s, with a 1990's flair'.
> 1950's? George Lucas has made a lot of his spaceship design for "The
> Phantom Menace" look like 1950's car stylings, with lots of chrome

  I've definately noticed that, though I'm still reserving some judgement
on it... it really has a sort of goony, goofishness which I dislike, but
on the other hand, it makes vehicles like the "Sandspeeder" from the
original SW easier to swallow!
  I really hope we don't see this in the new Gundam!

> and gloss (Naboo starfighter). Kinda getting back to his "American
> Graffiti" days, along with the speeder "drag-racing" in the movie.

  I know, it sounds really really dumb! I mean, wasn't that the plot of
"Droids"? The SW-Comedy cartoon spinoff from ROTJ?

> Interesting departure from the "beat up " look of the fighters in the
> original movies. Would be a great angle for MS design too

  Well, he's just mimicking RL, i.e., the trend from the Glamorous 20's
(PM) to the utlilitarianism of the late 60's and 70's. Personally, I
really enjoyed the Beat-Up look of the original series...
  As for MS-design... come on, do you _really_ want a Gundam styled like
an old Corvette?

> > In that sense, he's a great match for Okawara! It would be great to
> >a parody series set in the 1970's anime universe with goony ships by
> >and goony robots by Okawara, I'd get a kick out of it, and we could
> >it: "That 70's Robot Show" and it would air on Fox!
> Yeah! And a model line for it molded in one color with
> plastic-on-plastic joints!! Ahh, I love this retrocrap!!!

  Hey, yeah! It will be just like Brainpowerd!

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