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<< Dafydd writes,
>It's always identified as an "antenna" but I have yet to see any
>specification as to what type.
   Well, we have ample callouts for the 0083 mobile suits...
   The forehead antennae on the GP01, GP02A and GP03S are labeled as
 "communications blade antennae," as is the head antenna on the Gerbera
 Tetra. The head and/or backpack antennae on the GM Kai, GM Cannon II, GM
 Custom and Gelgoog Marine are labeled as "communications rod antennae."
 As for the secondary antennae on the GP01 and GP03S, they're "monitoring
 antennae," whatever that means. Thus, the V-fin supposedly serves the
 same purpose as the rod antennae on other mobile suits.
   The Master Grade kit manuals, for all their callouts, are less helpful.
 V-fins and Zeon command antennae alike are labeled as the largely
 meaningless "multi-blade antenna," at least up until the GP02A and Gundam
 Mk. II kits, which return to the "communications blade antenna" terminology.
>A better question is why the Gundam has this antenna, but not the GM.
   Probably for the same reason that the regular Zaku lacks it, whatever
 that may be. Note that all GM variants have rod antennae on their heads
 or backpacks.
>Ditto the V Gundam and its mass-production counterpart, the V Gundam Hexa.
  The V-Hexa has those big ears instead, which are essentially V-fins on
>It's one of the distinguishing features of the Gundam line, but the
>RX-79(G) has it, while the RX-79(G)Ez8 doesn't....
   The Ez-8 has conventional rod antennae instead of a V-fin. Though it
 looks different, it serves exactly the same purpose.
 Y. Choe writes,
>1. I suspect that the lack of antenna came from the fact that M-particles
>did a good job of rendering that sucker more or less useless, so we don't
>see it in any of the mass production models, up until Victory Mobile Suit
>Series. The prototypes? I suppose to distinguish them from the normal mass
>produced generic mobile suit, they get the V-fins, kinda like a prestige
>type of deal.
   Don't forget the "command" antennae on Zeon's command mobile suits, the
 similar antennae on the Marasai, Barzam, and many Neo Zeon mobile suits,
 the rod antennae on most GM variants, yadda yadda. They may look
 different from the Gundam's V-fin, but as the Ez-8 and V-Hexa
 demonstrate, they're functionally identical.
>2. If the V-fins on the RX-79[G] series is indeed an antenna, then the Ez8
>may be antenna less, except the thing has two honkingly huge antennas
>replacing the oft-broken V-fin (a case of art imitating life, or anime
>imitating model kits).
   Right. These are supposed to be less susceptible to accidental breakage
 than the normal V-fin.
>One thing that still irks me though is the GP line, especially GP01 and 03.
>GP-01 in its terrestrial form, I can understand the use for the antenna, but
>what about in space, where M-particles are encountered more often? Or is
>that an assumption I should no longer make?
   Supposedly, bulk scattering of Minovski particles was banned by the
 Granada treaty that ended the One Year War (yeah right), so postwar
 mobile suits might well be designed for use in Minovski-free
 environments. Even if you don't have a chance to use the antenna, you
 never know when it might come in handy.
 -- Mark

Let's just be honest, They put the V fin there because it looks cool.

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