Re: Core Fighters: What are there purpose?

Y. Choe (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 22:10:36 -0800

>What is the purpose of having a Gundam with a Core Fighter? Also what is
>advantages/disadvantages of having a Core Fighter and vise-versa?

Core Fighter turns into Core Block which in turn acts as the engine/power
plant for the mobile suit. Also, the Core Fighter doubles as an effective
escape pod/fighter which would extend pilot's ability to escape or finish
the mission in the Core Fighter. However, they are very very expensive
(think of a mobile suit with a core fighter with two vehicles in one
package, or some sort), especially if they are solely used for escape pod
purposes--highly doubtful though.

With the GM (at least in the MG incarnation), the Core Fighter is replaced
with an Engine Block, and has no sort of escape pod, I believe.

Ultimately, it comes down to money and the most bang for the buck.
Federation decided that it was with MS and not MS+Core Fighter. In fact,
Core Fighters would not return for some 50 odd years after ZZ Gundam and S
Gundam implemented them (where it served some purpose, part of reentry for

Are Core Fighter themselves re-entry capable, or will it burn like a piece
of match?

Y. "Core FighterLess" Choe

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