Re: Camera and the Mohawk (Was: SOC RX-78 Gundam Pics)
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 00:30:57 EST

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<< It's supposedly a short-range communications antenna, like the rod
 antennae on other Federation mobile suits or the "command" antennae on
 some Zeon mobile suits. My guess is that it actually _is_ a radio
 antenna, for those occasional scenarios where the Minovski concentration
 is pretty low. As evidence, I'll point out that just about _every_ ground
 combat mobile suit has such an antenna - the Dom being the only
 exception. The mass-produced Gouf has the head antenna previously
 reserved for command units, and every Dom variant is crawling with
 antennae. Presumably, in ground combat it's less likely that the
 battlefield will be saturated with Minovski particles, so a radio antenna
 becomes more useful.
Then why does the GP-01 have the redundant

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