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>As I reflect on the RX-78NT1 "Alex", I cannot help but to wonder how
>useful this new machine would be to Amuro had they actually managed
>to ship it to him. Consider that he had spend hundreds of combat
>hours flying Gundam, with the MS adopting to him, getting another
>machine cold might actually slow him down.
>I do believe that "Alex" is sufficiently different enough that he
>cannot simply take his flight, which is the accumuliated flying
>experience he shared with Gundam and plot it into the new machine.
>But had he gotten this mech, would he have fair any better against
>the Jiong?

Amuro might not've been able to port all of his flight data from the
RX-78-2 to the RX-78NT-1, but he could certainly transfer his "preferences"
and the basic definitions of his various moves, if not the algorithms
themselves. There's going to be a "breaking in" period for both the
hardware and the software, but the software can get a "head start" on
adapting to the pilot.

Amuro, being a Newtype, will intuitively know what the machine can and
can't do for him. He'll also have the advantage of being able to read the
manual BEFORE he ever climbs into the cockpit.... (^_^);;

As to the relative merits of the two machines, let's look at the specs:

                     RX-78-2 RX-78NT-1
                     ------- ---------
     Overall height: 18.5 meters 18.0 meters
        Head height: 18.0 meters 18.0 meters
        Base weight: 43.4 tons 40.0 tons (50.0 tons FA)
        Full weight: 60.0 tons 72.5 tons (95.0 tons FA)
    Power generator: 1.38MW 1.4MW
      Apogee motors: 24,000 kg x 2 35,000 kg x 2
                      1,870 kg x 2 8,000 kg x 6
                                          7,000 kg x 2 (7,000 x 8 FA)
  Vernier thrusters: ?? 19 (13 FA)
Thrust-weight ratio: 0.93 1.82 (1.83 FA)
      Sensor radius: 5.7 km 5.9 km
     180 turn time: 1.5 sec 0.8 sec
              Armor: Lunar titanium Lunar titanium (Chobham FA)
       Ground speed: 165 kph 192 kph
           Armament: beam rifle beam rifle
                     beam saber x 2 beam saber x 2
                     60mm Vulcan x 2 60mm Vulcan x 2
                     380mm hyper bazooka 90mm Gatling x 2
                     beam javelin
                     hyper hammer
  Core Block System: yes no

In addition to a 180 turn time almost half that of the RX-78-2, the
RX-78NT-1 has a thrust-weight ratio bearly twice as great and ground speed
aboyut 16% higher (minus the Chobham full armor). It also has the pop-up
90mm Gatlings. And, for what it's worth, the Chobham full armor option.

On the down side, it lacks the Core Fighter and it's twin 30mm Vulcans,
missile launchers, mega particle cannons and bombs. On the other hand, how
often did the RX-78-2 shed its A Parts and B Parts in battle to deploy the
Core Fighter?

Not listed in the general specs are the NT-1's linear seat, panoramic
monitors and magnetic coating. The RX-78-2 got the mag-coat as a retrofit,
but the NT-1 had it as an integral feature.

I think that the NT-1 is significantly more powerful to compensate for any
of the adjustments you cited -- that is, whatever Amuro loses in transition
from hot machine to cold machine is adequately compensated by the cold
machine's greater speed, sensor range and special features.


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