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I thought that the NT1 was equipped with controls that would facilitate
BETTER reaction time, in accordance with his awakening newtype ability of
intuition. Does anyone know exactly what else was different specifically
with the control systems? I know they added the gatling guns on the arms,
but what else was actually different?


At 04:52 PM 1/24/99 -0800, you wrote:
>As I reflect on the RX-78NT1 "Alex", I cannot help but to wonder how
>useful this new machine would be to Amuro had they actually managed
>to ship it to him. Consider that he had spend hundreds of combat
>hours flying Gundam, with the MS adopting to him, getting another
>machine cold might actually slow him down.
>I do believe that "Alex" is sufficiently different enough that he
>cannot simply take his flight, which is the accumuliated flying
>experience he shared with Gundam and plot it into the new machine.
>But had he gotten this mech, would he have fair any better against
>the Jiong?
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