Re: Camera and the Mohawk (Was: SOC RX-78 Gundam Pics)

Y. Choe (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 17:03:23 -0800

>A better question is why the Gundam has this antenna, but not the GM.
>Ditto the V Gundam and its mass-production counterpart, the V Gundam Hexa.
>It's one of the distinguishing features of the Gundam line, but the
>RX-79(G) has it, while the RX-79(G)Ez8 doesn't....

I can speculate, and speculate I can... :)

1. I suspect that the lack of antenna came from the fact that M-particles
did a good job of rendering that sucker more or less useless, so we don't
see it in any of the mass production models, up until Victory Mobile Suit
Series. The prototypes? I suppose to distinguish them from the normal mass
produced generic mobile suit, they get the V-fins, kinda like a prestige
type of deal. OR is that the right answer? Maybe the good folks at Anaheim
actually uses them antennas for something.

2. If the V-fins on the RX-79[G] series is indeed an antenna, then the Ez8
may be antenna less, except the thing has two honkingly huge antennas
replacing the oft-broken V-fin (a case of art imitating life, or anime
imitating model kits). Ironically, my Ez8 lost its antenna to a freak
accident while the RX-79[G] still has its V-fins..

One thing that still irks me though is the GP line, especially GP01 and 03.
GP-01 in its terrestrial form, I can understand the use for the antenna, but
what about in space, where M-particles are encountered more often? Or is
that an assumption I should no longer make?

On another note, I plan to resurrect soon, and replacing it with (covering all Mecha Models) or something equivalent.
Interested? E-mail me at, not the list...

Y. Choe
Busy dreaming of something, like Re-Zakurero or Zakurero Kai or something on
that level...

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