Re: PSX Emulator for Macintosh

Mark Simmons (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 12:52:58 -0800

Sean Glenn writes,

>They did release it at MacWorld last month. I have a copy of it, right from
>the show floor.

  Me too. It hasn't yet been released to the public, though - only those
who bought it at Macworld Expo have a copy right now.

>Last time I checked Connetix's web page they had the info about the
>emulator... but the lawsuit Sony immediately filed might have forced them
>to take it down.

  Sony hasn't yet filed a suit. The buzz on the Mac rumors pages is that
Sony examined the emulator, found they had no basis for a lawsuit, and is
working out a licensing deal with Connectix. Of course, said rumors pages
are seldom worth the paper they're not printed on, but thus far there's
no suit and Connectix is busy finalizing the retail version.

-- Mark

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