Re: PSX Emulator for Macintosh

Sean Glenn (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 12:29:37 -0800

>I've read about the PSX emulator for Mac bit too, but I think it was a rumor
>which claimed that Connectix would announce it during the Mac Con held in
>SF in January. Well, I don't think they did, and their webpage does not
>mention this at all, either.

They did release it at MacWorld last month. I have a copy of it, right from
the show floor. It runs beautifully, although Tekken 3 is a little choppy
on some machines (tenchu and Resident Evil 2 run just fine). I have a
PowerMac G3 300mHz with 256mb of RAM... it runs very nicely. I heard that
it will run just fine on a 266mHz iMac as well.

Last time I checked Connetix's web page they had the info about the
emulator... but the lawsuit Sony immediately filed might have forced them
to take it down.

Sean Glenn

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