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>Can someone out there explain to me exactly what happened Lieutenant
>Burning's GM? I have
>only read the comics that where available from viz a few years ago. The
>comics leave alot to
>be desired.

Burning's GM was damaged during his battle with Cima's Gelgoog. A critical
piece of machinery began to fail. That's the widget shown in panels 2 and
5 on page 42 of Gundam 0083 #8: Conspiracy Of Silence. In the anime, shots
of this gadget sputtering sparks are intercut throughoutt the scene in
which Burning and Kou rendezvous enroute back to Albion.

If you look closely at panels 2 and 5, you'll notice that the piston is
extended in panel 2 and retracted in panel 5. In the anime, the operation
of this "actuator" causes a short-circuit that ignites a flash fire --
hence the smoke you see in panels 1 and 3 on page 43 -- that ultimate
results in the catastrophic failure of the GM's Minovsky-Ionescu fusion

In Star Trek parlance, this would be a warp core breach due the loss of the
containment field resulting from a ruptured plasma conduit. (^_^);;


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