Re: what are the Newtype powers?

Chris Beilby (
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 14:07:53 -0800

Y. Choe wrote:

> >> >2. Telekinesis(?): A Newtype can manipulate psycommu weapon system, so
> >> >s/he can at least manipulate electromagnetic waves, can a Newtype move
> >> Not at all. As noted above, remote control of weapons systems is a
> matter
> >> of brainwave transmission; the pilot sends commands to the remote unit,
> >> which then carries them out.
> > Right, I don't recall ever hearing about an NT moving blocks around with
> >his mind!
> > But isn't there a case or two of a NT 'summoning' his giant robot with
> >his mind? Doesn't this happen with the Psycho-Gundams at some point?

That is more a function of the same type of remote unit used to control Bits and
Funnels, than telekenisis.

> And does NT Powers explain how Amuro (and possibly Char, and of all latent
> NT-ness in all people, in Space and in Earth) was able to deflect Axis from
> colliding into Earth? After all, Amuro did some freaky stuff when he was in
> that trance of his at the end of Gundam0079. Perhaps he's the only NT to do
> such feats when he's near death, i.e. magnifiy his NT power into something
> greater than any person has ever seen...

Perhaps, but it's still a unique feat, and has never been seen again in any

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