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>> >I think it's in the ruins of Ruum, Side 5, located at L-4.
>> As noted in previous post, Side 5 is at L1 until sometime between Gundam
>> 0083 and Z Gundam, when it moves to Side 4. See Mark's Mondo
>> Multidimensional Maps:
>So, I guess those Giren's greed guys just messed it up again, I just
>looked at their map in the booklet and here's what they say (it's
>actually reflected in the game): Side 5 and Side 2 are in L4 and Side 4
>is in L1 at the time of the One Year War according to them, but they're
>the guys who made Gato and Delaz meet prior to A Bao A Qu (BTW the
>manual has gorgeous Yas illustrations). I wonder if this inconsistency
>could be found anywhere else?

Just about everywhere. You pick up an official Gundam map from one series
or another, you assume it's true for the whole saga and write accordingly.
I got burned on this myself -- Z Gundam was my first exposure to the series
and the film comics had all of these neat maps, then Schodt's translations
of the Tomino novelizations hit the stands, with different maps. Who ya
gonna call?

Fortunately, I scraped together enough Japanese references to see the
pattern: one arrangement up until Z, another afterward. At least they were
consistent post-Z, with the result that the Z configuration is misapplied
to the One Year War far more often than the other way around.

As noted previously, the locations of Sides 1, 2, 3 and 7 are "fixed" by
the storyline and logical necessity, but the others float. In the original
series, they had Side 1 fixed at L5, Side 2 at L4 and Side 3 at L2, then
just continued in a "clockwise" rotation among the Lagrange points and put
Side 4 at L5, Side 5 at L1 and Side 6 at L4. In Z, they apparently looked
at the four Lagrange points and saw the four corners of a rhombus, so the
put Side 4 diametrically opposite Side 3 at L1 and then crossed the long
axis in the opposite direction, putting Side 5 at L4 and Side 6 at L5.

The colony drop came from Side 5 because L1 is the Lagrange point
physically closest to the Earth, making it seem like the point from which
it would be "easiest" to drop a large mass.

But the relevant factor isn't the distance; it's the change in velocity
(delta V) required to change orbit. This will be the same for all of the
colonies in Lunar orbit (L3, L4 & L5) and should be roughly equivalent to
the delta V required to go from Lunar orbit to Low Earth Orbit (LEO): 4,100
m/s (13,450 ft/s) or 14,760 kph (9,170 mph). The delta V for the colonies
at L1 and L2 should be about 700 m/s (2,520 kph) or 2,295 ft/s (1,565 mph)
below and above that, respectively.

So it really *is* more "economical" to haul mass from L1, but you only save
about 17% on your total mass/energy expenditure.


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