Re: what are the Newtype powers?

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Sat, 23 Jan 1999 12:45:30 -0800

>> >2. Telekinesis(?): A Newtype can manipulate psycommu weapon system, so
>> >s/he can at least manipulate electromagnetic waves, can a Newtype move
>> Not at all. As noted above, remote control of weapons systems is a
>> of brainwave transmission; the pilot sends commands to the remote unit,
>> which then carries them out.
> Right, I don't recall ever hearing about an NT moving blocks around with
>his mind!
> But isn't there a case or two of a NT 'summoning' his giant robot with
>his mind? Doesn't this happen with the Psycho-Gundams at some point?

And does NT Powers explain how Amuro (and possibly Char, and of all latent
NT-ness in all people, in Space and in Earth) was able to deflect Axis from
colliding into Earth? After all, Amuro did some freaky stuff when he was in
that trance of his at the end of Gundam0079. Perhaps he's the only NT to do
such feats when he's near death, i.e. magnifiy his NT power into something
greater than any person has ever seen...

>> >Is there any details on the "artificial Newtype" also? How are they
>> >produced? Genetic manipulation, surgery or something else?
>> Hard to say. It's implied that the process involves brainwashing and/or
>> psychological manipulation, almost certainly drugs, and possibly surgery.

Ah, so that's why most Artificial NTs are paranoid, weird, freaked out, or
just plain nuts... But if you brainwash/hypnotize someone into believing
that they were indeed a NewTyper, then wouldn't that do as well? Probably

> Hey, if you believe that:
> 1. Bits and Funnels are controlled by NT Brainwaves, and:
> 2. Exposure to NT Brainwaves awakens the NT within, then
> It's an obvious next step that to create a powerful NT from a weak NT,
>you merely have to bombard that person with ultra-powerful (and
>mind-warping) artificially-generated NT-brainwaves from a funnel-style
>control system!

Gundam NT.
Would you like to be an NewTyper Today?
Who would you like to screw today?
Have your OS survived and found itself an NT?

Y. Choe

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