Re: Nine-Ball must DIE!!

Bernard Ng (
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 10:45:16 PST

If I am not wrong, this game is Final Attack or something like that by
Banpreso.... There is a Zeta gundam, Shinning Gundam, X Gundam and a
turtle looking mecha.... The zeta is by far the best in the game....

>By the way Does any one have any info on a Mobile suit game which
>consists of many mobile suits from different series. It seems
>to play alot like Z-Gundam\Virtual On. I saw this on a monitor at J >&
R computer world from some home video. No game places I go to >are
familiar with it. Some of the suits include the L-Gaim and a >Dunbine.
Can I didn't see much else of this.

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