Re: what are the Newtype powers?

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 11:30:14 -0700 (MST)

> >I've never gotten a straight-on description of Newtype powers? Can
> I'd say that newtype powers are essentially a form of empathy -
> communicating with other humans on an emotional, rather than an

  Don't forget the "Astral Plane" interpretation!
  It goes a long way to explain all of the NT-phenomenon except
precognition (which just doesn't make sense anyway.) Not to mention, those
freakly NT visions that Amuro had in MSG!

> intellectual, level. Except for some rare cases where very powerful
> newtypes lapse into a telepathic communion, newtypes usually sense the

  Though you must admit, those Telepathic-communions are among the most
important elements of the Gundam story! Think of how many effects and
reprecussions have come out of that!

> Newtypes don't appear to have genuine precognition, but rather a sort of
> "spider sense" that lets them detect the proximity of a hostile foe.

  "Uh oh! My NewType sense is tingling!"

> Newtypes not only perceive the feelings and intentions of others, they
> also broadcast their own. Thus, powerful newtypes emit a sort of psychic
> "pressure" that can be sensed by other newtypes, and even by sensitive

  An intrusion into the Psychic plane detected by the elements of other
NT's that are projected there!

> The powerful brainwave emissions of newtypes are the key to the psycommu
> system. This system basically just listens for the pilot's brainwave
> emissions and translates them into computer instructions, using a process
> much like biofeedback. Really powerful newtypes can transmit their
> brainwave signals across huge distances, which is how wireless bits and
> funnels work - they each house a tiny psycommu receiver, allowing them to
> receive commands from the pilot's powerful brainwave signals.

  But the problem with this theory is this: If you know how to transmit NT
brainwaves, how come M-Particles can't block it? If M-Particles can't
block that frequency, well, then why don't they simply use _that_
frequency for their scanners and space-radars?
  If you can transmit NT brainwaves as feedback to the Bit-pilots, why not
create a powerful NT-Brainwave 'scrambler' or 'noise generator' to screw
up all NTs who are using bits and funnels?
> >1. Telepathy: 2 Newtypes can communicate across vaccum.

  The auras of powerful NT's can bridge the gap of space by extruding
themselves into the NT-plane, virtually touching the mental eminences of
other NTs... Howzat?

> >2. Telekinesis(?): A Newtype can manipulate psycommu weapon system, so
> >s/he can at least manipulate electromagnetic waves, can a Newtype move
> Not at all. As noted above, remote control of weapons systems is a matter
> of brainwave transmission; the pilot sends commands to the remote unit,
> which then carries them out.
  Right, I don't recall ever hearing about an NT moving blocks around with
his mind!
  But isn't there a case or two of a NT 'summoning' his giant robot with
his mind? Doesn't this happen with the Psycho-Gundams at some point?

> computer enemy, and as noted in the novels, the wire-controlled remote
> units of the Brau Bro "mask" the location of the threat and make it
> impossible for Amuro to anticipate their attacks.

  Cool! He's at a disadvantage fighting a Non-NT weapon!

> >4. Mind-reading: A Newtype can read the mind of an Oldtype?
> No. At the end of the original series, Amuro lapses into a trance and
> manages to send messages to his White Base comrades - something he's never

  And there does seem to be some evidence that prolonged exposure to the
NT phenomenon increases the 'latent' NT ability in _all_ people. Or
rather, it stimulates the part of their minds that reside in the NT-plane
and makes them aware of the fact that we are "All NewTypes". The only
difference between a NT and an OT is that the NT _realizes_ this. It's
kinda like enlightenment, isn't it?

> >Is there any details on the "artificial Newtype" also? How are they
> >produced? Genetic manipulation, surgery or something else?
> Hard to say. It's implied that the process involves brainwashing and/or
> psychological manipulation, almost certainly drugs, and possibly surgery.

  Hey, if you believe that:

        1. Bits and Funnels are controlled by NT Brainwaves, and:
        2. Exposure to NT Brainwaves awakens the NT within, then

  It's an obvious next step that to create a powerful NT from a weak NT,
you merely have to bombard that person with ultra-powerful (and
mind-warping) artificially-generated NT-brainwaves from a funnel-style
control system!


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