Re: The title of the new Gundam series!!!
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<< >there's a CG Battletech?

Uh, no. No there never was a 13-episode CG/cel hybrid show of
Battletech. Why? Because animation by Saban (X-men) meshed with stocky,
unimaginative mech CGI simply wouldn't work. A continuity-breaking story
and REALLY bad animation for such a show, if it existed, would have
sucked to the extreme, and wouldn't have ever been produced or followed
onto a second season despite a contrived and slow-paced story arc. Nope.
So they never could have made it.

IF such a series (and subsequent lousy merchandising line) ever existed,
it must have been mercifully blanked from my memory. Good thing, that.

Mark-II >>

I'm sensing just a hint of Sarcasm here.. I wonder why.. ROTFL

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