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>At 00:52 1/22/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>I never had this problem. Are you using Win98 US?
>>>So, how to do? or any body have this (dll) file in your machine? Please
>>Are you sure WINASPI32 is a DLL file, not an internal library routine?
>Windows system files use 8.3 filenames for backward compatability. The
>file you're looking for is named WNASPI32.DLL (no "i" between "w" and "n").
> It's in the Windows\System, along with WINASPI.DLL, the 16-bit version.
>WNASPI32.DLL is 36,864 bytes, WINASPI.DLL is 3,536.
>Both files are Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) Windows
>application extensions created by Adaptec, not Microsoft.
>Check your SCSI interface, connectors, and cables...?

As I have personally contacted the original poster regarding this, and I
have found out this happens with PSXVdideo ver1.1E. I have the same
problem with NT, (I digress) but NT has many problems in itself with
read/write PSX discs, stramge considering many PSX titles are developed on

(undigress) However this particular problems is not observed with Win95
OSR2. My answer? Go back to using PSXVideo 1.07, it works perfectly fine.
 I found that I had to use a Japanese dictionary once too often trying to
figure out how to use 1.1 >_<

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