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Subject: Re: what are the Newtype powers?

>Chien Ting Chin writes,
>>Ok, that's quite believable, in the sense that Newtype are not such a huge
>>evolutionary jump from Oldtype. Can Newtypes sense truth and lies?
> I suppose it's possible, but if so, I don't think it's ever been
>demonstrated in the animation.

    I seriously doubt it, since if Newtypes can sense truth and lies, Sara
wouldn't be a puppet of Scirocco because he has been basically telling her
all lies or half-truths...

>>So how did Amuro figure out the "self-destruct in 1:30" part when he faced
>>Giren in the 52-episode outline?
> Um, good question. Fortunately, since this ending wasn't used, we don't
>have to try and rationalize it. ;-)

    Could be that he sense Giren's intent and make the connection...

>>Ok, that's fine, what about the main weapon of Elmeth? How come it can
>>destroy a whole battleship with a single shot at beyond-sensors range? I
>>am not impressed that 2 different weapon systems: the remote-control
>>system (bits) and the Elmeth long-range weapon is confused into one name.
> The Elmeth's long-range weapon _is_ the bit system. The Elmeth was beyond
>sensor range, but the bits were up close to deliver their lethal beam
>blasts. The fact that the bits weren't shown at this point was just a
>dramatic device to heighten suspense.

    In the Gundam timeline, almost every MS and battleship can be destroyed
with one good shot...

> Actually, this brings up a question. The bits have monoeyes for
>targeting, but does the targeting info get passed back to the pilot? If so,
>how? All I can thing is that the bits would reflect the brainwave signal
>back to the pilot, either encoding sensor data into it or at the very least
>"pinging" to tell the pilot where they are, which would make them _very_
>easy for another newtype to detect.

    The following is my personal opinion, not official facts:

    From my understanding, the funnels/bits don't have any way of sending
information back to the pilot, as the monoeyes is for the funnels/bits
itself so it can aim properly. It's basically like remote control cars - the
cars don't have feed back to the driver. It is what makes most Newtypes can
avoid funnels/bits without too much trouble - they just "ears-drop" on the
conversation between the funnel/bits and the pilot...

Edmund Chiu

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