Re: Zeon astroid fortress location question

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Sat, 23 Jan 1999 07:40:07 +0100

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> >Chris Beilby wrote:
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> >> On a related topic, where is the shoal zone that Garden of Thorns is
> >located in
> >> in 0083?
> >
> >I think it's in the ruins of Ruum, Side 5, located at L-4.
> As noted in previous post, Side 5 is at L1 until sometime between Gundam
> 0083 and Z Gundam, when it moves to Side 4. See Mark's Mondo
> Multidimensional Maps:
> Mark! Maybe you need to add "Gundam Points of Interest"...?
> -Z-

So, I guess those Giren's greed guys just messed it up again, I just
looked at their map in the booklet and here's what they say (it's
actually reflected in the game): Side 5 and Side 2 are in L4 and Side 4
is in L1 at the time of the One Year War according to them, but they're
the guys who made Gato and Delaz meet prior to A Bao A Qu (BTW the
manual has gorgeous Yas illustrations). I wonder if this inconsistency
could be found anywhere else?


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