[Gundam]Syd Mead and CGI Battletech (was The title of the new Gundam series!!!)

Chris Beilby (cbeilby@earthlink.net)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 09:46:52 -0800

> Err... who's Syd? If he's a white guy, how come he gets to design mecha
> and ships for anime? Is it common?

Syd Mead is an American Futurist and Artist. He was, along with Director
Ridley Scott, responsible for the 'look' of Blade Runner. So far, this is
the second Anime he's done, the first being Yamato 2520. And he has no
clue. he shouldn't be hired for Anime, with the possible exception of
carefully supervised work on Bubble Gum Crisis. (Do what you did with Blade
Runner. And don't touch the Boomers or Hard Suits...)

> there's a CG Battletech?

It was segments of the Battletech Animated series. Spoiled the look of the
whole series, because for some godawful reason, they decided to have it look
like VR...

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