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>On a related topic, where is the shoal zone that Garden of Thorns is
located in
>in 0083?

It's in the"shoal zone created by the wreckage of Side 5 (L1) during the
Raum Campaign in the first weeks of the One Year War.

As noted in other posts, the distribution of the Sides changed between
Gundam and Z Gundam, moving Side 5 to L4 and Side 4 to L1, but that change
apparently occurred subsequent to 0083.

Shoal zones are simple debris fields that gather around large masses or
areas of gravitational equilibrium, like the five Lagrange libration
points. There are shoal zones around every significant mass in the Earth
Sphere, including all of the asteroid bases, but the one around Side 5 is
"the" shoal zone -- the one to which people refer as if it were the only one.


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