Re: what are the Newtype powers?

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On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> I'd say that newtype powers are essentially a form of empathy -

Ok, that's quite believable, in the sense that Newtype are not such a huge
evolutionary jump from Oldtype. Can Newtypes sense truth and lies?

> hostility, et cetera - rather than "reading" their thoughts like a book.

So how did Amuro figure out the "self-destruct in 1:30" part when he faced
Giren in the 52-episode outline?

> The powerful brainwave emissions of newtypes are the key to the psycommu
> system. This system basically just listens for the pilot's brainwave

Again this makes sense, this kind of "brainwave" control is in fact
functional today. Apparently most normal people like you and me can do it
without much training. Still I think the so-called brainwave is actually
electromagnetic wave.

> which is how wireless bits and funnels work

Ok, that's fine, what about the main weapon of Elmeth? How come it can
destroy a whole battleship with a single shot at beyond-sensors range? I
am not impressed that 2 different weapon systems: the remote-control
system (bits) and the Elmeth long-range weapon is confused into one name.

> This isn't precognition, but a sense of the location and hostile
> units of the Brau Bro "mask" the location of the threat and make it
> impossible for Amuro to anticipate their attacks.

Too bad I don't remember the Brau Bro ep, but I remember the Elmeth ep.
Did or did not Amuro rely on Newtype power to deal with the Bits? Second
problem, (this is nickpicking) when Amuro send msgs to his White Base
buddies, didn't he explicitly foresee that Frau and the kids can escape by
running "after the next volley of bullets"?

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