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On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> Nyeah... it was one of the school of "Piles of crap" spaceships, the
> "Sulaco" and "Nostromo" from Aliens being prime examples. How do you make
> a ship cool? Well, you get a whole bunch of junk and pipes and prongs and
> antennae and glue them together and make something big with fiddly bits
> and spinning crap and wow, cool ship!

Nostromo is the human ship right? Yeah that one is forgettable. But the
derelict ship in Alien was unparalleled! And what about the Medical
Frigate from Star War? That's a "pile of crap", but it's great. And the
main ship in 2001 (what's the name?) is also very cool in my books. In
contrast, White Base is not cool, Musai is cool, and Gwazine is only cool
if it were an ocean liner in space (Red Titanic?).

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