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Hi folks,

  I seem to be in a loop of downloading my mail at home in the evenings,
not having time to answer it, and then coming in to work with a clean
slate. So, my apologies to anyone waiting for a reply to a personal
message. In the meantime, I can avail myself of the online mailing list
archive to keep up with the public chitchat...


Thanks again to Eddie for digging up the movie clips. Based on this info, I
think I'll mothball my Zeon game, since it'll take me ages to get to the
colony drop stage and actually see some new clips; time to try my luck as
the Federation!

  Oh, and I checked the Japanese page where I first found the tips about
movie-sucking, and it makes no mention of audio issues. Sorry!

  I think the best option is getting hold of the supplemental Giren's Greed
disk which lets you view movies at will. Apparently you don't even need the
original game - the movies are all stored on the supplemental disk.
Question is, who to order from? Any shopping tips, folks? I don't think
Mike Kiley reads his e-mail anymore. :-(

Eddie writes,

> I wonder if we are more picky on continuity violations or the Japanese
> obviously they don't seen to mind, otherwise Bandai wouldn't be able to get
> away with things still.

  Ffft! No chance. I've seen some pretty damned nitpicky things on Japanese
fan sites. As well as spotting Ma Kube's spearhead Zaku and griping about
the legs on the New Yorker Desert Zakus, "Walfisch" quibbles about the
depiction of Ranba Ral fighting on Earth based on a throwaway line from the
TV series. And he's pretty mellow compared to some of the other Japanese
fans out there.

  In a way, asserting that some of the Chimaera ace team were present for
the Battle of Solomon is the best way to account for the purported presence
of Gato. Gato's Galgoog is supposed to be a prototype YMS-14 (otherwise
known as the MS-14S), which he'd only have if he were a member of the Ace
Corps that tested the prototypes. All the currently-known Ace Corps pilots
are drawn from Kishiria's forces - either the Mobile Assault Force or the
Earth Attack Force, rather than Dozul's Space Attack Force - but if they
had some of Dozul's guys in there as well, then Gato could have been one of
them. And if some of the Ace Corps were on the scene at Solomon, however
briefly or belatedly, then Gato could have been among them.

  How's that for fannish obsessiveness? :-)

> Hmm, the whole upper torso, including the head and the arms, were the
>same as
> the MSV Desert Zaku, though.

  And, now that I look at it again, the radiator backpack as well. Dammit,
these are purely and simply Desert Zakus in New York. Go figure.


Kota asks,

> 1. How do you feel the amount of images in the site?

  Keep 'em to a minimum. Speed is always good.

> 2. What do you think about the length and the organization of the page?

  I like the way you've interwoven replies to create a complete dialogue.
Color-coding doesn't bother me - if readability is a concern, the first
thing I'd do would be to do away with the black backgrounds. But I'd really
like it if participants were identified by name.

> 3. What do you think of the structure, especially "Story Related Thread"
> page?

  It works okay for me. If you think the subject lines are too cryptic, you
could always add a one-line description for each thread.

-- Mark

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