Re: The title of the new Gundam series!!!

Mark Nguyen (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 09:20:00 PST

>Err... who's Syd? If he's a white guy, how come he gets to design
>and ships for anime? Is it common?

Syd Mead is a noted American conceptual designer who's been illustrating
for sci-fi and genre movies for decades now. He's always had a liking
for anime too, so when the opportunity arose for him to ump into one of
his favorites (Yamato) he took it, and the Japanese business suits loved
having an American sci-fi illustrator ontheir staff. If only his designs
forthe show didn't suck!

>there's a CG Battletech?

Uh, no. No there never was a 13-episode CG/cel hybrid show of
Battletech. Why? Because animation by Saban (X-men) meshed with stocky,
unimaginative mech CGI simply wouldn't work. A continuity-breaking story
and REALLY bad animation for such a show, if it existed, would have
sucked to the extreme, and wouldn't have ever been produced or followed
onto a second season despite a contrived and slow-paced story arc. Nope.
So they never could have made it.

IF such a series (and subsequent lousy merchandising line) ever existed,
it must have been mercifully blanked from my memory. Good thing, that.


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