Re: The title of the new Gundam series!!!

Djallel Zouita (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:13:11 +0100

Kota Fujimura wrote:
> >From pretty reliable source, I heard the title of the new series is
> "(turn-A) Gundam". (The symbol they used for "turn-A" is upside down "A".
> I'm not sure about the correct pronounciation. I found this info on the
> homepage of the one of the production stuff.

Is it the "for all" math character? Or is it shorter, looking more like,
say, nabla (the operator)? I can't wait to know how it will be
pronounced. Maybe does it imply something like "for all Gundam, there
exists one Newtype" (put the symbols were you want :-))?

> This is supposedly becomes official on Feb. 10. The series will air on
> Fridays around 5pm. And most likely the series will wrap up somewhere up in
> 50 episodes.
> Another interesting news is the Sid Mead's Gundam. It has a V-fin on very
> strange place. Sid Mead designed this on the same logic as the Ez-08.
> V-fin gets very easily damaged on the forehead. Someone also said, it looks
> like it has a beard. Hmm...

I guess a damaged V-fin on the forehead is cooler than a untouched
yellow beard... I hope Zakus won't get their eye in the chest. At any
rate, Ez-08 is hardly what I'd call a reference.

> Now the bad news. There haven't been even a single cell done for the first
> episode yet. So he is doubting if the episode will make it on time, which
> is the first week of April.
Except if they use a lot of old material and/or many CGs (I'd rather
have it later then).


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