Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

Edward Ju (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 01:00:12 -0800

> Because they were expecting a total victory. Revil's last-minute escape,
>and his rousing speech, inspired the Federation to push for a mere treaty
>rather than surrendering outright. If it weren't for Revil, the war would
>have ended in January. :-)

I guess that made sense...

> Ah, I see. Sorry I didn't read the message more carefully - I'll go see
>if I can find any audio warnings on the Japanese page.


> There were only supposed to be eight Gwajin-class battleships in total,
>and - according to EB 39 - Char's horned Musai was originally Dozul's
>flagship, so the forces at Ruum would thus have been led by this customized
>cruiser. But the Giren's Greed animation has Dozul leading his troops into
>battle from atop the bridge of a Gwajin-class battleship, so there's
>certainly a conflict there.

I wonder if we are more picky on continuity violations or the Japanese fans...
obviously they don't seen to mind, otherwise Bandai wouldn't be able to get
away with things still.

> You can decline Kishiria's recommendation and keep him out in the field,
>with no immediate negative consequences. Of course, if you hadn't given
>Ranba Ral the equipment to defeat White Base and then declined to sacrifice
>the Black Trinary to distract the ship during the Odessa invasion, you'd
>probably lose the battle, and wouldn't care so much about Ma Kube blowing
>up the base...

So you lose it either way... I guess they HAD to give the feds some real edge!

>>Nope. The first shot was of the statue of Liberty, so it had to be NYC.
> Ah, there we go then... Desert Zakus in New York. Japanese fan "Walfisch"
>notes in his Zaku page that these mobile suits, since they lack the regular
>Desert Zaku legs, might just be general-purpose Zakus with extra armor. The
>legendary G type Zaku, after all, has the same band-reinforced cockpit
>armor as the Desert Zaku...

Hmm, the whole upper torso, including the head and the arms, were the same as
the MSV Desert Zaku, though.


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