Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

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Fri, 22 Jan 1999 21:49:38 +1300

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>Sorry, the consequences I'd be facing is just too much of a liability to
>even consider... MAYBE if one day someone comes out with a Saturn

from what I have heard, there is an official Saturn board for PC, this was
a while ago tho, but I don't have any specifics (must have been something I
read in EDGE or Next Generation magazine). In anycase, when Dreamcast
actually does something usefully (I haven't heard anything spectacular yet
- kinda disappointing, but I still want one). Lastly, last week, I was
reading and a PSX emulator will be out for the PowerMac, but
Sony doesn't like it one little bit (for obvious reasons).

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