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> >Can someone draw a diagram to roughly give an idea of where Solomon,
> >A Bao A Qu, and Axis in relation to the different Sides during OYW?
> >I know that Axis is supposed to be out in the astroid belt at the end
> >of the war, but did it play any part during the war?
> A'Bao'A'Qu is in Side 3 (L2), where it serves as Zion's last line of
> defense. In June 0087, it's renamed Zedan Gate and moved to Side 7 (L3) --
> or possible moved and then renamed. It's destroyed by Axis in January 0088.
> Solomon is in Side 1 (L5), where it serves as a Zion garrison. It's
> renamed Kompei Island ("kompeitoh" -- a pun on the name of a candy that it
> physically resembles) by the Feds.
> Pezun is in Side 2 (L4), ditto. [Unconfirmed]
> Axis is in the asteroid belt, a waystation between the Jupiter Energy Fleet
> and Zion, until February 0086, when it begins its journey toward the Earth
> Sphere, arriving in October 0087. After whacking Zedan Gate, it falls
> toward the Moon (specifically Granada) until deflected by the Colony Laser.
> It then takes the former place of A'Bao'A'Qu in Side 3. In January 0089,
> it whacks Core-3, killing Emily Ounce. It's purchased by Char Aznable in
> March 0093 -- this less than a week AFTER he's already whacked Fed HQ in
> Lhasa, Tibet, with a much smalled 5th Luna -- and broken up in Earth orbit
> a few days later.
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On a related topic, where is the shoal zone that Garden of Thorns is located in
in 0083?

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