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>Can someone draw a diagram to roughly give an idea of where Solomon,
>A Bao A Qu, and Axis in relation to the different Sides during OYW?
>I know that Axis is supposed to be out in the astroid belt at the end
>of the war, but did it play any part during the war?

A'Bao'A'Qu is in Side 3 (L2), where it serves as Zion's last line of
defense. In June 0087, it's renamed Zedan Gate and moved to Side 7 (L3) --
or possible moved and then renamed. It's destroyed by Axis in January 0088.

Solomon is in Side 1 (L5), where it serves as a Zion garrison. It's
renamed Kompei Island ("kompeitoh" -- a pun on the name of a candy that it
physically resembles) by the Feds.

Pezun is in Side 2 (L4), ditto. [Unconfirmed]

Axis is in the asteroid belt, a waystation between the Jupiter Energy Fleet
and Zion, until February 0086, when it begins its journey toward the Earth
Sphere, arriving in October 0087. After whacking Zedan Gate, it falls
toward the Moon (specifically Granada) until deflected by the Colony Laser.
 It then takes the former place of A'Bao'A'Qu in Side 3. In January 0089,
it whacks Core-3, killing Emily Ounce. It's purchased by Char Aznable in
March 0093 -- this less than a week AFTER he's already whacked Fed HQ in
Lhasa, Tibet, with a much smalled 5th Luna -- and broken up in Earth orbit
a few days later.


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