Re: Zeon astroid fortress location question

Chris Beilby (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:28:35 -0800

Mark Nguyen wrote:

> >Can someone draw a diagram to roughly give an idea of where Solomon,
> >A Bao A Qu, and Axis in relation to the different Sides during OYW?
> >I know that Axis is supposed to be out in the astroid belt at the end
> >of the war, but did it play any part during the war?
> I was under the impression that Axis was built on-site in the belt as a
> base of operations for the Jion mining industry, which was (eventually)
> going to be separate along with other sovreign rights. Neo-Jion moved it
> to Earth as such a base in ZZ, right?
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  That's correct. As for A Bao A Ku and Solomon, they were near sides 3 and
one, respectively. A Bao A Ku was moved to the area near Luna 2 during the
AEUG-Titans conflict.

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