Re: MG Super Gundam

Mano Limvoraphun (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 01:32:12 +0700

> How big is the box now? Gelgoog-Size? GP-02-Size? How tall is the
>finished kit with G-D on?

The box size is equal to GP02 but it's alittle thin than gp02

> Does the cockpit/core-fighter part of the GD come off like in the anime?
> Is there any internal structure/cool options that the G-D has or is it
>just a big fighter with missiles?

Yes it is. but only cool internal structure is the misslies pack, The other is so so,
> Well, it's HUGE, isn't it? Does it fold up properly? Do they give you
>cloth hoses to run inside it, or is it just plastic?

It's only a plastic but has a big joiint to connect with the side of G-D

>>MG mark II, I think I will make one of AEUG mk II to Full-armer gundam mk
> Cool! Except, personally, I never thought the FA-Mk.II looked any good.
> -Probe

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