Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

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Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:23:42 -0500

On Thu, 21 Jan 1999 01:59:50 -0800 Edward Ju <> writes:
>Thanks to Nicholas Pappas, a Saturn enthusiast, I was able to extract
>video portion of the Girens Ambition FMV clips and watch it on my PC
>sound is still messed up and incomprehensible, and my pleas to Mark
>for some help on the information relayed on the Japanese websites went
>unanswered). Anyway, here's what I saw:

Rather than tantilize and agonize those of us who don't have or can't get
a copy
of Giren's Ambition, could one of you kind folk post your resulting avi's
to a
webpage somewhere so that the rest of us can see them also?

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