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Eddie writes,

>Well, without a soundtrack, I am just making wild guesses. If this were the
>signing of the Antarctic Treaty, I don't see why the EMF guys all looked
>happy while the Zion ones looked all depressed...

  Because they were expecting a total victory. Revil's last-minute escape,
and his rousing speech, inspired the Federation to push for a mere treaty
rather than surrendering outright. If it weren't for Revil, the war would
have ended in January. :-)

>All I asked was for any sound-related issues mentioned on the webpage which
>for some reason Internet Explorer with Japanese support does not properly
>display at all on my PC. You obviously could read that page since you
>mentioned about the webpage on the ML. ;)

  Ah, I see. Sorry I didn't read the message more carefully - I'll go see
if I can find any audio warnings on the Japanese page.

>If these ships were indeed around, it seems weird that during the first half
>of the original TV series you saw nothing but Musais, including that shot of
>Zion's space forces led by Char's MS-06S during the OP song.

  There were only supposed to be eight Gwajin-class battleships in total,
and - according to EB 39 - Char's horned Musai was originally Dozul's
flagship, so the forces at Ruum would thus have been led by this customized
cruiser. But the Giren's Greed animation has Dozul leading his troops into
battle from atop the bridge of a Gwajin-class battleship, so there's
certainly a conflict there.

>So I guess you had no control over Ma Kube's decision. Could you appoint
>anyone else to command the Odessa base?

  You can decline Kishiria's recommendation and keep him out in the field,
with no immediate negative consequences. Of course, if you hadn't given
Ranba Ral the equipment to defeat White Base and then declined to sacrifice
the Black Trinary to distract the ship during the Odessa invasion, you'd
probably lose the battle, and wouldn't care so much about Ma Kube blowing
up the base...

>Nope. The first shot was of the statue of Liberty, so it had to be NYC.

  Ah, there we go then... Desert Zakus in New York. Japanese fan "Walfisch"
notes in his Zaku page that these mobile suits, since they lack the regular
Desert Zaku legs, might just be general-purpose Zakus with extra armor. The
legendary G type Zaku, after all, has the same band-reinforced cockpit
armor as the Desert Zaku...

-- Mark

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