Re: [Pre-Review] Brainpowerd Kits are LM with a vengeance

Mark Nguyen (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:23:45 PST

>You guys should see how well my Escaflowne LM kits were doing on eBay,
>it was unreal. I can't believe people wanted them THIS BAD! I guess
>fact that they will not be reissued makes them more desirable.

While we're being fair with LMs, the Escaflowne LM wasn't half bad. It
*did* need some substantial reworking (breaking an arm in two places,
custom cape, lots of patience) to look good, but it's better than
shelling out 29800 yen for the transformable version... :)

I think the GX LMs were the best of the lot!


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