Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

Edward Ju (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:47:50 -0800

>I'll have to try it then. Wasn't there someone on the ML who mentionned
>watching FF7 ending on his PC?

Yes, I believe I used the PSX viewer he mentioned to extract the SD G
Generation clips. Unfortunately you need a PC to do the file extraction
even though there is a Mac viewer which plays back the extracted file.

>I thought it was because those EMF guys were glad to get some sleep at
>last because they'd been negociating for a week or so while the Zeons,
>being the evil guys they were, didn't appreciate to be forbidden to drop
>colonies and stuff like that. :-)

Hehehe, that could be a plausible explanation except things are not so
black and white in Tomino's OYW universe.

>Something crossed my mind: Apsaras III is a space capable MA (just see G
>Generation), so 08MST climax might actually be in space: Shiro would
>then have to use a GM (rather than a ball :)) and Aina might use some
>classy MS but get it thrashed by EMF soldiers and then use a Zaku II as
>a last resort and use it against her brother, we'd then get some fight a
>la F-91 with Shiro and Aina fighting her bro. With such a set up, this
>scene would be possible now I think.

Hmm, nope. That shot you see has the GM pinning the Zaku II down with one
arm while the other arm is raised with a beam saber, ready for the final
blow. They definitely couldn't be fighting side by side.

>That's an extremely nice scene indeed, you should really try EMF!

I wish I have enough time...

>Yeah, the "interesting" thing is you lose a good part of your forces
>when this happens (losing Amuro and G3 that way is annoying)

Argh!!!! NOOOOO!!!!

>I don't have it here but I'll look in some Saturn Fans. You should look
>if NCS has it: if they don't show it, try emailing

I already asked about it about a month ago, they haven't got back to me
with a definite answer after 2 friendly reminders.


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