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> First off, you'll note the amazing proliferation of new mobile suits. Many

Monster of the week! Monster of the week!

> On the other hand, if the series had run the full 52 episodes, we'd have
> been treated to more brilliant Yaz character designs. I'd be happy to see the

But then we won't get to see Char's final victory over Zabi's family.
Personally I wouldn't like to see Amuro winning every single credits
there are.

Also, Amuro would not have a chance to face Char and get amonished and
confused. I think in the sword fight with Char, Amuro realized he is a
superior Newtype, but it's Char who understand the true potential and
traps of being Newtype.

> The note about Amuro's paranoid streak was quite illuminating for me.

Again, I like a flawed Amuro. Let him be a raging paranoid and mess
things up once in a while. Goes well with the personality of an
Anti-Char: anti-social, impulsive, irrational but kind and pure.
[i.e., Char: charismatic, scheming, rational, cruel and evil.]

> Anyway, food for thought. Dig in!

Thanks a million, this is fantastic stuff!

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