Re: <SPOILER> Girens Ambition FMV clips

Edward Ju (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 12:37:32 -0800

>I had the same problem when extracting either Saturn or PSX videos to
>PC, I never figured what I was supposed to do to get sound.

When I viewed the SD G Generation clips, I realized that I had to change the
sampling rate from 44MHz to a lower one (either 22 or 11 MHz) for one of the
first clips to get proper sound playback, but most of the clips that followed
were sampled at 44MHz, IIRC.


>> Clip 1: This is the longest and coolest clip on the disc, basically a

>It's the common intro part: you get it as Zeon and as EMF player and it
>is immediately followed by a second part which depends on which side
>you're playing.

I remember seeing it in the beginning when I played Zeon, but since I never
played EMF I didn't know. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

>> Clip 2: This looks like the clip you'd see if EMF wins and Zion loses. At

>Wrong, it sounds more like the EMF intro: the "peace conference" you're
>mentionning is in fact the Antarctic Treaty and Revil's speech is, I'm
>not sure at all on that one, his "Zeon is exhausted" (I'm not sure
>because I don't think it's mentionned in the anime).

Well, without a soundtrack, I am just making wild guesses. If this were the
signing of the Antarctic Treaty, I don't see why the EMF guys all looked
happy while the Zion ones looked all depressed...

>> Clip 10:Both sides getting ready for the assault on Abaowaku. Sayla Mass
>> appears in the MS hanger, standing next to a tired, resting Amuro,
>> and you catch a glimpse of the space version of GM Command as Gen.
>> Revell makes a speech to EMF soldiers.
>This one got me wondering: is Amuro actually resting or is it more like
>a lack of will to fight?

Can't tell, he was facing down so all you see is his hair. :)

>> Clip 11:This one reminds me of The 08th MS Team. After an intense battle
>> took place in space, you see a GM and a Zaku locked into mortal
>> combat but only the camera was moving - apparently both suits were
>> badly thrashed and you see the EMF pilot helping the Zion pilot out
>> as they both walk to safety and stare into the infinite space.
>That's the normal ending: it is supposed to take place at the end of the
>war, so it might really be an 08MST spoiler with the pilots being Shiro
>and Aina (although I can't see how 08MST could end in space now, they'd
>have to be very quick).

The EMF pilot was wearing a yellow normal suit. I doubt they were Shiro and
Aina though, since the thrashed suits were a regular GM and a regular Zaku II.
What do you mean by "normal ending", though? Neither side wins or...?

>> Clip 12:This clip made no sense without a soundtrack; it starts with
>>Zion Zum

>It's the one you get as EMF when you decide to launch the operation on
>Side 3: it tells you about who Daikun was and what NTs are, that's why
>you see Lalah, Amuro and Char. In the end, Revil gives the attack order
>I think.

Looks like I missed out a lot not playing as EMF!

>> Clip 15:Giren's making a crowd-pleasing speech (the only one without a happy
>> face is an injured soldier amongst the civilian crowd in Side 3,
>> face was obscured by a hat) as Gen. Revell arrives, apparently to
>> negotiate a cease-fire and admitting defeat. I think this is what
>> you will see if Zion wins in the end.
>Again, I think this is just Zeon's beginning but I'm probably wrong on
>that one.

This was not played in the beginning of the game if you pick Zeon's side.

>> Clip 24:Zion's colony-sized solar ray system fired.
>That's actually Giren frying his father and Revil.

Too bad the clip didn't show them actually getting fried. All you see were
some explosions, Macross style.

>The best thing to do in fact would be to get that data disk that was
>released in September: it lets you view all the videos, sketches and
>other stuff. (I didn't get it myself).

Do you have its ISBN #? None of the game importers have it when I asked.


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