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Thu, 21 Jan 1999 12:47:41 +0100

Eddie wrote:
> Thanks to Nicholas Pappas, a Saturn enthusiast, I was able to extract the
> video portion of the Girens Ambition FMV clips and watch it on my PC (the
> sound is still messed up and incomprehensible, and my pleas to Mark Simmons
> for some help on the information relayed on the Japanese websites went
> unanswered). Anyway, here's what I saw:
I had the same problem when extracting either Saturn or PSX videos to
PC, I never figured what I was supposed to do to get sound.

> Clip 0: Opening CG-animated "demo" with lots of MS action. I believe
> SD G Generation's opening FMV clip is a parody of this one since we
> have the Kampher clashing beam sabers with the Alex here too.

That's very likely, it crossed my mind too when I first played G

> Clip 1: This is the longest and coolest clip on the disc, basically a prologue
> that recounts the first colony drop and the capturing of Gen. Revell.
> Char's MS-06S and Ramba Ral's blue MS-05 can be seen in action, I am
> not sure if there was a white Zaku II (could be just the glare).
> Basically after the colony dropped, EMF launched an assualt of cap.
> ships but they were of no threat to Dozul's MS squads. EMF's proud
> fleets were soon reduced to space rubbish, and when Gen. Revell's
> entry/escape capsule was ready to be launched from the flag ship, the
> Black Trinary showed up and you can see defeat on the old man's face.
> One thing that seems like a continuity violation was that we saw the
> red capital ship from Zion (the same kind Delaz used as his flagship)
> several times in the clip, but I thought this ship did not appear until
> the latter half of the war, and Zion had nothing but Musai prior to
> the appearance of White Base?

It's the common intro part: you get it as Zeon and as EMF player and it
is immediately followed by a second part which depends on which side
you're playing.

> Clip 2: This looks like the clip you'd see if EMF wins and Zion loses. At the
> beginning we see a bunch of injured Zion soldiers in a space supply
> transporter (the one of the type that supplied Char's Musai in the
> 2nd or 3rd TV episode), then camera shifts to a peace conference
> between EMF & Zion, with EMF officials with happy faces and Zions look
> bummed after the meeting, and Gen. Revell was making a speech after-
> wards.

Wrong, it sounds more like the EMF intro: the "peace conference" you're
mentionning is in fact the Antarctic Treaty and Revil's speech is, I'm
not sure at all on that one, his "Zeon is exhausted" (I'm not sure
because I don't think it's mentionned in the anime).


> Clip 10:Both sides getting ready for the assault on Abaowaku. Sayla Mass
> appears in the MS hanger, standing next to a tired, resting Amuro,
> and you catch a glimpse of the space version of GM Command as Gen.
> Revell makes a speech to EMF soldiers.

This one got me wondering: is Amuro actually resting or is it more like
a lack of will to fight?

> Clip 11:This one reminds me of The 08th MS Team. After an intense battle
> took place in space, you see a GM and a Zaku locked into mortal
> combat but only the camera was moving - apparently both suits were
> badly thrashed and you see the EMF pilot helping the Zion pilot out
> as they both walk to safety and stare into the infinite space.

That's the normal ending: it is supposed to take place at the end of the
war, so it might really be an 08MST spoiler with the pilots being Shiro
and Aina (although I can't see how 08MST could end in space now, they'd
have to be very quick).

> Clip 12:This clip made no sense without a soundtrack; it starts with Zion Zum
> Taikum in the center of the shot, with Degin in the background, then
> we see Lalah in Side 6 with the swan, then an intense battle between
> Amuro in his Gundam with Char in his MS-06S, finally ending with Gen.
> Revell making yet another speech in space.

It's the one you get as EMF when you decide to launch the operation on
Side 3: it tells you about who Daikun was and what NTs are, that's why
you see Lalah, Amuro and Char. In the end, Revil gives the attack order
I think.

> Clip 13:EMF puts its own mirror-based solar ray system in place and proceeds
> to literally slice up the cross-shaped asteroid (Solomon?)

Yeah, that's Solomon. This happens if you developed the Solar system


> Clip 15:Giren's making a crowd-pleasing speech (the only one without a happy
> face is an injured soldier amongst the civilian crowd in Side 3, whose
> face was obscured by a hat) as Gen. Revell arrives, apparently to
> negotiate a cease-fire and admitting defeat. I think this is what
> you will see if Zion wins in the end.

Again, I think this is just Zeon's beginning but I'm probably wrong on
that one.

> Clip 23:This is probably after the 2nd colony drop. Earth's really messed up
> and Cima made a cameo here, she appears much younger and thinner
> though. Ends with a strange shot of Zion's Gaw and EMF's Midea in
> flight formation?!

I think that's the Jabrow attack scene you get when you've launched
successfully the Second Operation British.

> Clip 24:Zion's colony-sized solar ray system fired.

That's actually Giren frying his father and Revil.

> Clip 27:Giren making a speech to Zion officers (this looks like it takes place
> when "Legitimate" Zion split and challenges his legitimacy).

I actually had this before Char's Neo Zeon emerged, so I don't know.

The best thing to do in fact would be to get that data disk that was
released in September: it lets you view all the videos, sketches and
other stuff. (I didn't get it myself).


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