Re: The Zakrello Mk-II Retcontest!

Operator7G - Michael Ip (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 21:36:06 +1300

At 03:50 PM 20-01-99 -0800, Mark S wrote:
>The only constraints I'd impose are that the end result
>should be recognizable as an update of the Zakrello, and thus should retain
>some of its unique characteristics. Making it look just like the Neue Ziel
>- i.e. cool - would be a violation of the spirit of the contest.

Oops, damn, well that means I'm out (not that I like the Neue Ziel or
anything like that...), I'll just design one but I won't submit. I hope it
doesn't discourage others from entering, and this is a fair enough comment.
 I'm looking forward to this :)

Is Sunrise gonna like this?

Michael Ip
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