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>And speaking of characters...
>The note about Amuro's paranoid streak was quite illuminating for me.
>never thought about it in this light before, but the kid does have a
>track record here. In original Gundam, Amuro is consistently the first
>suspect everyone:
> "They're conspiring against me, they're gonna take my Gundam away,
> but I'll show them - I'll steal it and bury it in a sand dune!"
> "One of our generals is a traitor, I'll bet it's that fink Elron!"
> "Hey Bright, I know you're sweet on her and all, but Kusko Al is
> going to sell us out first chance she gets!"
>This continues throughout Zeta Gundam:
> "Men in black are following me everywhere, they watch my every
> move and listen in on all my conversations!"
> "Hey Katsu, I don't trust Char and I want him off my planet -
> at gunpoint if necessary!"
>Even in Char's Counterattack, he's the paranoid guy who insists that
>Char is
>sending fake ships to Luna Two so he can sneak off and conduct evil
>elsewhere. And you know the funny thing? He's always right. What does
>tell you about Tomino's world view?

Must be that Newtype ability that only Amuro has. I mean intuition is
one of the trait of Newtype is it not? It would basically prove that
while Amuro might not have the most powerful Newtype ability, he does
lead the pack in intuition. Remember you are not paranoid if you are

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