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Mark Simmons (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 15:50:33 -0800

I agree that we need rules before kicking off the contest. In keeping with
the time-honored principle of the Golden Rule - he who has the gold makes
the rules - I posit that whoever's fronting the loot should be the one to
write the guidelines. Having volunteered to provide prizes, I pledge to be
a benevolent dictator. :-)

Mark-II writes,

>I'd think whoever is giving out any prizes would be a judge, as well as
>one or more non-contestants who are recognized as experts in the field
>of Gundam aesthetics (the latter could basically include anyone who
>agrees that the Zakrello is an awful-looking machine). I think that a
>panel of two or three judges would be most fair (without extending the
>judging thing too far).

  Sure, sounds fair. I'd think we could agree without too much acrimony on
a panel of qualified judges.

>I also think that such a thing should be made open to the public, i.e.
>to people not on this ML. How would we go about organizing such a thing?
>We’re not a real “club” per se...

  Seems pretty simple to me. Somebody (i.e. me or Ben) posts an entry page
on our Web site, our extended family of Gundam Webmasters link to it, we
post an announcement on the rec.arts.anime newgroups and ask the Anime
Turnpike to post a link... bingo, we should have plenty of entries. The
Gundam Project alone gets about 400 visits a day, and the Turnpike has a
pretty huge audience.

>As for specific rules, I think the original notion of a retcon within
>the UC context is the goal. If you want, we can use my “Delaz’s Big
>Mistake” fanfic as a setting for such a retcon opportunity, as we see
>what the sobered scientist dreams up. Of course, everyone could just
>dream up their own situation as they desire. I’m using the Delaz thing,
>though. :)

  We could certainly post your (very funny, by the way) story as a
creativity-sparker. The only constraints I'd impose are that the end result
should be recognizable as an update of the Zakrello, and thus should retain
some of its unique characteristics. Making it look just like the Neue Ziel
- i.e. cool - would be a violation of the spirit of the contest.

  I dunno if it necessarily has to be a UC-compliant rendition, though.
Anybody remember Kotobuki's infamous "Acguy Fight!" comic, in which the
nations of the G Gundam world battle for supremacy using
nationalistically-decorated Acguys? If somebody wants to design a kick-butt
Shining Zakrello, I say more power to them.

  In the course of drafting Animerica's annual Mecha Challenge contest,
I've learned that it's best not to limit the designer's creativity. At
least after Yasuhiro Imagawa rapped my knuckles for making the categories
too restrictive... ;-)

-- Mark

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