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>of Gundam aesthetics (the latter could basically include anyone who
>agrees that the Zakrello is an awful-looking machine). I think that a
>panel of two or three judges would be most fair (without extending the
>judging thing too far).

I would like to volunteer to be a judge.

>I also think that such a thing should be made open to the public, i.e.
>to people not on this ML. How would we go about organizing such a thing?

>We’re not a real “club” per se...

Organizing wouldn't be that hard actually. Anybody wishing to join in
simply have to submit thier variant to a designated email address.
has that address would then be responsible for posting the image to a
for judging. The webpage could be hosted on any number of free webpage
Geocities or even if Ben is willing. The page would be very
the submitters' names underneath each is their picture. The only problem
is that
if there are a lot of submissions, the page would have to be split in
The contest could run for a month, and advertisements could be run in
Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc and Rec.Games.Mecha.

What do y'all think?

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