Gundam 0085 character
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 18:03:54 EST

here is the file for my character I am gonna go and change the name soon I
will let you know what I change it to otherwise I like how it is now.

Axis Kali is 23 years old. He is currently working as a Mecha
Pilot (D). He comes from a servant/poor family. His family
background and past experiences provide him with 300 monetary
His parents are both deep cover spies for the other side.
His family was murdered and he alone survived. His intention as
far as this crisis goes is to live it down and forget it.
He has 3 siblings: A twin brother who despises him. An older
sister who dislikes him. An older sister who likes him.
He has 4 good friends: A female friend who is like a younger
sibling to him. A male friend who is like a younger sibling to him.
 A female friend who is someone who grew up with him. A male
friend who is an old school pal.
He is currently involved with a lover. Unfortunately things are not
quite perfect; they are separated in some way.
Hair: short, with bangs and black
Eyes: brown/black
Basic Personality: moody, rash, headstrong
Most Valued Ideal: knowledge
Most Valued Possession: a book or diary
Most Valued Person: a teacher or mentor
Attractiveness: 8
Body Type: 5
Cool: 9
Empathy: 3
Intelligence: 4
Education: 7
Luck: 7
Movement Allowance: 5
Reflexes: 6
Technical Ability: 6
    Total: 60
Head Hits: 6
Torso Hits: 12
Limb Hits: 9
Stun: 6
Lift: 60
Throw: 20m
Damage Bonus: 0
Encumbrance Value: 4
Stability: 22
Run MA: 15
Jump MA: 1.2
Running Jump MA: 3
Mecha Fighting (H) - 3
Awareness/Notice - 1
Handgun - 3
Mecha Gunnery (H) - 4
Mecha Melee (H) - 3
Mecha Missles (H) - 2
Mecha Piloting (H) - 3
Hand to Hand - 1
Motorcycle - 1
    Total Education Points: 21

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