RE: The Zakrello Mk-II Retcontest!

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:12:09 PST

>As for sponsoring the contest, I'll leave it in hands of the person who
>thought of this in the first place...was it Mark Nguyen?

Nope. I just started the "ugliest MS/MA" thing, and it sorta led to
this... ^_^;

 I can provide a
>webpage about the contest too if required....if you guys wanna do this
>real. We might be able to get AnimeVillage to sponsor some free Gundam
>tapes for the contest, (heck AnimEigo used to chuck tapes at us by the
>barrelload back in the old days for our cons and promos).

Was this at the old Mechaball?

aka Mark Nguyen, BAKA

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