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>>Are we talking about the "Zakurelo"? That freakshow thing with the
>slanted eyes and fanged
>It's a slow day at work, so I thought I'd come up with a fictional
>background for the existence of (my) Zakrello Mk-II. Imagine the
>following scene...
>EARLY 0080
>"Yes sir. He's already started on modifying leftover Zakus to a hybrid
>space-fighter type machine. He also contends that at the time he
>designed the Zakrello, he was high on crack cocaine and a variety of
>other drugs and booze. He's recovered now, and says that he can also
>modify the Zakrello to actually be worth something."
        LOL! Liked that a lot! The sheer idea of Anavel "call me Mr.
Serious" Gato speaking a line like that just cracks me up... ^_^


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