Re: Smart Gundam? [Re: Monster of the Week? [Re: Zion Marine MSof 0079]]

Mark Simmons (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 23:45:37 -0800

Ben Koshy wonders,

>So what was the case in Gundam: Char's Counterattack when Amuro's fin
>funnels auto attacked while Kayra Su was being held by an enemy mobile suit?
>So was the Gundam's computer reacting or was it a newtype reflex triggered
>by the pain Amuro felt when he was being electrocuted?

  Afterwards, Amuro gripes that the fin funnels are over-tuned; the
implication is that they picked up his pain and panic and reacted in a
way that they figured was appropriate. The psycommu system works by
receiving brainwaves and translating them into computer instructions, so
it could be a combination of newtype reflexes and computer initiative,
with the computer taking extensive liberties with the incoherent input it
was getting from Amuro...

-- Mark

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